From the recording Arrows for Christ

The song Arrows for Christ was inspired by the tale of an American Christian Missionary who in 2018 illegally traveled to the North Sentinel Island in an attempt to preach Christianity to the isolated tribe. On the third day he was killed by the tribe and as he requested in his journal, his remains were never recovered.


Eeeeya Yow
Do rah do rah
Do rah do ra
Please take me closer to God
You are not welcome here 30,000 years we have remained here!
Do rah do rah
Do rah do rah
To us you're the foreigner
We put your body on a stake and face you out to the sea
The sand becomes a river of blood
Arrows for christ
Arrows speak louder than words
Lord, this island is Satan's last stronghold.
Where none have heard or even had the chance to hear your name.
If I get killed ...Don't retrieve my body
We think it's worthwhile to declare our custom to you.
An arrow pins the bible to your chest..
Your king de-crowned
Your body will never be found
The last we saw of him..
His body dragged through the sand
And there they buried his remains
Who's eternal life was at hand?
An expedition of ignorance
Do rah do rah